The Best Skip Hire Prices and the Available Sizes in the UK

Skips are one of the best ways you can get rid of waste so that it can be recycled for better use, and the remaining waste that cannot be used can be sent to landfills to get disposed off. There are many skip hire companies in the UK offering skips in various sizes. The skip hire prices depend greatly on the size of the skip being hired. These skip services help you save the time and money, while also keeping your environment clean and free of pollution. Skip hire sites consist of registered and trusted waste carriers who provide you with the best quality skips to dispose hundreds tonnes of waste whenever you need them. Majority of the waste is then recycled.

You can hire a skip for any cause that results in a pile of waste, this could be cleaning your garden or back yard, it could be clearing out your garage, or getting rid of items in your house. A skip can be at your doorstep within the given time and will get the work done in a reasonable price.

The Available Sizes and Skip Hire Prices

When you want to hire a skip at a reasonable price, you first need to figure out what size skip you would need for the items you need to dispose off. The larger the skip size is, the higher the prices go. To help keep the costs low, skip companies try to recycle most of the waste. Here are some of the sizes of skips and the average skip hire prices.

The 2 Cubic Yard Mini Skip Hire: The smallest size of the skip is made for household projects such as cleaning your garden, and it can fit between 20 to 30 bags of garbage. The estimated cost for this size of skip is around 60 pounds.

The 3 Cubic Yard Mini Skip Hire: This is a slightly bigger skip size which can be used for cleaning up the garden, home projects, and disposal of waste that come from constructing new bathrooms or getting kitchen renovations done. The skip can fit between 25 to 35 bags of garbage. The estimated cost for this size of skip is around 60 pounds.

The 4 Cubic Yard Midi Skip Hire: This skip is slightly larger than the previous two. It is ideal for carrying waste that comes from home renovations or constructions, or clearing out a garden. It can carry up to 40 bin bags of garbage. The estimated cost for this size of skip is around 85 pounds.

The 6 Cubic Yard Skip: This is one of the most commonly used skips because it is of a large size and can accommodate up to 65 bin bags of garbage. It can be used for building construction waste or garden clearances, or when you have home constructions and renovations that need to be cleared out. The estimated cost for this size of skip is around 110 pounds.

The 8 Cubic Yard Skip: This size of skip can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. It is also known as a maxi or builders skip because it can accommodate bulky items that come from construction waste from buildings and houses. It can fit around 80 garbage bags and has an estimated cost of around 130 pounds.

The 10 Cubic Yard Skip: This is mostly used for commercial projects where the amount of waste is extremely large and heavy and needs to be cleared immediately. It can come from constructions work such as rubble, garden waste, stones, concrete. The skip can accommodate up to 100 garbage bags and the estimated price for it is around 170 pounds.

The 12 Cubic Yard Skip: These skips are of practical size and can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. It can clear up waste from building projects and home constructions that collect piles of rubbish, rubble, stones. The skip can carry up to 120 bin bags of garbage. It has an estimated cost of around 190 pounds.

The 14 Cubic Yard Skip: This is one of the big skips among a few others, where it can be hired for both private and commercial purposes. It is extremely large in waste capacity and comes at an affordable price. It can hold up to 145 garbage bags and has an estimated cost of around 200 pounds.

The 16 Cubic Yard Skip: This skip is good value for money because they offer you one of the largest skips that can hold over 170 bin bags of garbage. They are so large that they are able to fit a small car inside the skip. This too can be used for commercial or domestic purposes to clear up waste. The estimated cost of this skip is around 220 pounds.

The 15 – 40 Cubic Yard Roll on Roll off Skip: The roll on roll off skips are for the biggest jobs which can include commercial projects, household clearances, and large amounts of bulky waste. People who have big construction projects usually prefer this kind of skip. It also known as a RoRo skip. The RoRo skips come in cubic yard sizes of 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Skip Hiring Service?

A skip hiring service is of great benefit to you because it will help you clear out waste that piles up as a result of house construction, getting bathroom or kitchen renovations done, or even clearing out your garage or garden. Usually this type of waste can be concrete, pieces of metals, rocks, rubble, bricks, and other items that cannot be picked up by you. A skip hire service can help you clear up the waste where it will be taken to get recycled, and whatever remains are left will be taken to landfills to be disposed of.

The benefits that you get from using this service are that it saves you a lot of time, money and effort. It also keeps the environment protected from waste and pollution, making it a healthier and safer for you and your family. Lastly, it makes it a safe place to walk around on building sites that are undergoing immense construction.

If you are looking for a skip hire service that can offer you reasonable prices, our comparison page can help compare prices of different skip hire services in the UK.

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