What you need to know about Skip Hire in Eason’s Green

In the UK, one of the most popular ways to get rid of debris, junk, or any waste material is through Skip Hire. This affordable method helps bring waste removal solutions in one go. Generally, skip hire is used for both domestic and commercial projects.

In short—hiring a skip in the UK is essential when generating a large amount of building waste and rubbish materskip hire in Eason's Greenial. Hence, skips are used for any job that creates waste. So, whether it is a DIY project, such as garden clear ups, bathroom/kitchen refitting, or at industrial construction sites—hiring a skip is your most convenient, affordable and reliable waste removal method.

There are a large number of skip hire providers in Eason’s Green working as independent firms in their local regions. Besides these, national skip hire firms also exist to provide services throughout the UK.

Generally, when making a decision for your skip size it is recommended to evaluate the amount of waste to be produced. As a matter of fact, when determining your waste, you should bear in mind that not ALL waste can be disposed off into the skip.

 Items that CANNOT be placed in a skip include:

  • Batteries/electronics (fridge, freezers, TV, etc.)
  • Chemicals/paint
  • Medical items
  • Tyres
  • Gas cylinders
  • Light bulbs
  • Asbestos
  • Plasterboards
  • Any other hazardous item

Plasterboards were allowed before amendments were made in the law. The new law stated (2011) all plasterboard material MUST be disposed off separately. This change was implemented due to a research study that determined—during decomposition, dangerous gas was emitted in mixed waste setting. Hence, skip service providers are equipped with special bags for plasterboard waste material.

Skip hire: Different uses

People in the UK hire skips for a number of reasons. One of the reasons being affordability and convenience that skip hire brings as an efficient waste disposal solution. There are numerous sizes of skips available for different kinds of jobs. Here are a few popular uses of skips:

Domestic use

If you are undergoing a house renovation, skip hire is an essential waste disposal solution to consider. Whether it is fitting a new bathroom or knocking down a wall, you will accumulate a large amount of waste. Therefore, depending on the amount of waste, you can choose a skip that best fits your waste requirements.

Pave way/driveway installation

This is one of the most common uses of skip hires. The installation process removes the old driveway and the waste material can easily be loaded into a small skip.

Unwanted waste clearance of old places

This usually occurs when tenants leave behind heaps of unwanted waste such as old furniture, fittings, etc. Skips are great to use as the garbage can be disposed off.

Garden clean-up

While cleaning gardens, we are often faced with a large amount of organic waste such as soil and other materials. Skips are able to take in all kinds of garden clearance waste. In UK, most garden owners can opt to choose from small affordable skips for small garden clean up jobs.

How to hire skip in the UK?

There are a number of determinants to consider when hiring skip that fits best with your requirements.

The size

Choosing the right skip size is essentially the first step in the process. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, measurements and length—Opting for a large skip but not having enough waste material to dispose off will only increase your cost, while choosing a small skip for a large amount of junk will leave remaining unwanted garbage at your property.

Hence, making the right size decision is fundamental to assure you the best deal in town. Additionally, skip hires are also popular in the UK as they offer a wide variety of sizes that helps to cover almost any waste disposal jobs easily. So, whether you need to dispose-off building waste material at a commercial site or perform DIY tasks at home, you can opt from a variety of sizes. Here are 3 main kinds of skip hires in the UK.

Mini Skip:

These are one of the smallest skips available, usually in 2 or 3 yard skip size. These are great for less amount of waste usually found in housing or gardening projects:

  • Cost effective: Mini skips are great if you are undertaking small domestic jobs such as remodelling kitchen/bathroom or performing quick garden clean-ups. Instead of dumping all the waste in your car to dispose of waste material far away, save some cost by hiring mini skip to efficiently help with the process.
  • Convenience: In UK, most cities are bustling with a large number of residential areas. Therefore, RoRo skips or Builders cannot conveniently be physically placed. Hence, mini skips can allow to efficiently pick up almost 2 to 3 tonnes of waste easily
  • Popularity: These are widely available across UK. Especially popular for domestic and other small jobs.

Builders Skip:

These are one of the most popular skip type categories, in 6 cubic yards size. They are great for commercial use where concrete items, soil and rubble are disposed off. Many households make use of builder skip for general domestic waste material. Generally, this skip type can carry almost 70 (black) bags of garbage/waste.

  • Convenience: Builders skip are great for large scaled projects where waste material is dominant of rubble materials. Instead of hiring trucks to and from waste disposal sites. Simply, put them in convenient builders skip. This will also save you from transport/fuel costs
  • Popularity: These are widely popular in commercial business jobs such as at major office or home renovations, etc.

RoRo skips:

Also known as Roll on Roll off skips, measuring around 20 to 40 yards skip sizes. They are typically used for large commercial projects and are not common or compatible in domestic projects. Additionally, this skip type essentially requires large physical space/capacity to fit:

  • Convenience: These are usually equipped with doors to make rolling on and off easier. RoRo skips are an ideal waste removal solution for extremely large projects with equally large waste to dispose off.
  • Popularity: These are widely popular with construction business that have large amount of rubble and waste to dispose off.

Apart from aforementioned three main types, there are other sizes available too:

Midi Skip

These are widely used for mature kitchen fitments and bathrooms, in 4 cubic yard skip size. Often time’s people make use of midi skips for domestic and landscaping waste materials. Generally, this skip type can carry 45 black bags of garbage/waste.

Maxi Skip

These are larger than builders skip, measuring 12 cubic yard in size. Due to the large size, maxi skip take up more physical space on site and offers much larger capacity. These are great for large, bulky debris and waste materials—particularly used at construction and commercial sites.

Secure skips (lockable)

These are largely used to secure your skips with extra protection. This helps to en